Friday, May 09, 2014

She’s not really forty?


Friday night and we were off to The Barnes to Celebrate she not quiet 40 yet Birthday! I’d managed to get her exactly what she wanted for her birthday. And yet she won’t guess what it is. And she's not allowed to open it until her birthday , but I won’t be around to see that happen. I hope she can control herself!


The menu is out and we order beers up.


I do enjoy a good social gathering. Here though it was going to be hard to talk to the others at the far end of the table. Or get a photo of Sara unless I move to the otherside at some point.


Snap, so I guess I went the other end then? 2 hours sleep a night seems to do her good. She certainly doesn’t look her age.


I even snap me with Greenie


LEs is on a new good for diet. Something he tells me he hasn’t done for a fair while.


Its good to see Matt and the kids are all behaving really well.


Its pudding time and there one thing the Birthday girl enjoys nothing more


She gives it the thumbs up. It was great but boy am I ready for bed now.


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