Saturday, May 03, 2014

Wheels of the bus go round and round


The sun was out and so I decide to fix these brakes once and for all. I went online somewhere close had the brake callipers and unloaded me of £250. Next issue was the nipples where stuck in on the first calliper so I had to saw through the pipe. So then I had to get new pipes. I thought the second one would be the same, so I got two. This though was not the case and the second one unscrewed. With the new parts on the brakes were all bleed and tones of air came out. This then must have fixed them Well no they are worse then ever. Hopefully though its just more air in the lines. I’ll go there tomorrow if the weathers okay.


I even had the patenits today to redo the lettering on my MX5 wheels, which then



lead to me doing it on my Skoda.


I know I really need to get a life, but a did find doing it pheriputic in the sun, and so that was a good thing I guess.


By the time I had tided up it was late and so I called my brother to see if he wanted to go for a curry.


My was the place busy, although we were sat down instantly and give two pints of cobra.


The curries came, mine a chicken chilli and my brother chicken Jalfrazi.


And obviously some yum yum nan brand.


And to end the night we had a pint in the Possada.


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