Thursday, June 05, 2014

Everyone needs a companion


Its the first Thursday of the month and its classic car night at the Four Ashes. I’ve decided to take my own tonight. It is cleaned and ready to go.


Hold on there’s a facebook message. No its not on! Is this true?


Well this gives me time to get my mom the birthday present she wants after work


I nip into the garden centre that has loads and loads of Buddha's to find they don’t seem to have any. I scower the place and resort to asking an assistant “you had hundreds of Buddhas, where have they all gone? surely you haven't sold them all?” “ There's a few left upstairs in the coffee area dotted around”. I go upstairs and she is right there are a few up here, wow they have sold hundreds! I go to lift it carefully thinking it will be one might weight. But its not. I am a super hero. Nope its made of GRP not stone. Still weighty but not heavy.


I sit the Buddha in the car and put the seat belt on. Got to look after my passengers. I consider that I may well need one of these as a companion in the car permanently. I could even get a sign hanging in the back window, Buddha on board!


Back at home I put the Buddha with the birthday cards that have come for my mom ready for when they might come back off their holiday at some point.


The evening being nice and I chat to the neighbours in the sun, and regarding the car show. We agree that theirs no way everyone will not turn up, and if you did turn up for a pint in your old car and park up who can stop you anyway. Its such a disappointment but I guess it just got too big and well known. They are going for a wander up to see what does turn up. I let the cat out and do some gardening.


These happy plant need desperately planting, most are in but these two trays need doing now.


I get creative and make a patch at the end of the drive.


Grow babies grow


And whilst I was getting the Buddha I got these seeds too.


So in with batch number two.


As the night draws in I decide to head up the Four Ashes for a pint and to see if anyones turned up. Can I get the cat in? Yes by bribing her with one of her favourite chew sticks.



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