Monday, June 23, 2014

Filled Up


So they closed the motorway on the way from work. Brillant! Just on the day I wanted to get home on time for once. I get changed at home and head to the Harrows pub and meet up with the others in the beer garden.


Once we have all arrived we head indoors and settle in for tea. Hopefully we are in for a treat.


The starters come out and Les starts straight away on his Deep fried Brie.


I go for something far more healthy. Yummy yummy dried pig blood.


There’s a long wait for the 9 main meals, but when they come we are ready. Les’s seabass.


My T-Bone steak, which I haven't had for years and it tasted divine.


And they were off.


There was no stopping those with empty tummies.


And as the quizz I'm the Bridge was about to start everyone left without a pudding Sad smile Wow that was nice.


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