Saturday, June 14, 2014

Five Desserts??


Saturday and if I hadn’t had enough exercise last night I get my dads car keys and put them into the red box and zoom north up the M6.


An hour latter we are in the Chillfactore car park. How exciting. I get the gear out of the car and head to the reception desk.


I ask for 3 adults, and then ask if I can have a discount for me with my Snowboard Club membership card. She looks at it saying she has never seen one of these before and consults the computer for a discount. She says she can’t see one, and advises that she will go and ask someone else. She comes back with someone else, who says there definitely is a discount and eventually they find one. Then she asks how old the parents are. I tell there ancient. Well in that case they are cheaper too and smiles at me.


We head inside get changed and then I sort out my mom’s equipment.


We are at last on the slopes. Half the ski run is fenced off as a Freestyle completion is going on, so we entertainment to watch too!


Now this is the first time my mom has been on snow for over a year since she has had a new hip and things are slow. Very.


I ask if we can use the lessons gate for the lift and they say that's okay and they help her on the lift. One of the things I like about the ChillFactore staff is there enthusiasm and helpfulness.


Eventually my mom has half enough and this leaves me 15 minutes to play on my own.


And whilst that isn’t much time, I’ve enjoy helping someone to enjoy themselves as much as snowboarding for my own pleasure.


Here we go then crowd, I’ll be down at the bottom in less than 30 seconds!


And before you know it it’s all over!


We pack up, get changed


My mom has really enjoyed it, and me too.


We head to the pub in the complex for a late dinner – The Castle In the Sky.


Sit down


And discuss something which will entail taking a diversion on the way home.


But first we eat and fill our bellies.


Now what happened to all that hot sunny weather we were experiencing on the way up?


So on the way home we stop off to look at a house I’ve had the details to sitting on my desk for two weeks. We take a peek around it and both my parents give me the thumbs up. There’s one thing wrong with this house though. Its outside my budget and if I like it its going to have to be a very low offer. And so its agreed to call them for a viewing in the week.


From here I head around Greg and Di’s who kindly offered to host a birthday meal for me. The Beer flowed, the food was eaten, we talked we laughed and  Nack ate 5 desserts!


Then out came the Birthday cake! With lots of candles, to the point the icing set alight!


I blew it out, and we settled down with drinks and I feel asleep happy, until someone woke me up and said it was time to go home!


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