Friday, June 13, 2014

Fresh Cream


The sun is out and I’m heading to work topless. The traffic is light and I’m glad about that.


Then I realise I can do selfies in the car with my phone. Ok so where’s the smile?


I pull up in the car park and head into Tesco's.


And whilst its not my Birthday to today, I decided to get the cakes in for the office anyway.


Hopefully no one will want any and I can eat them all myself anyway!


Amazingly I get in time to put the cakes in the fridge, write an email to everyone telling them I’ll put them out at 11am and head to the canteen.


For the Friday breakfast of course!


The day disappears like the cakes, except three. I must have had 3 myself though! I put them in the fridge and left.


I head to the gym, this is going to have to be one long gym session to burn off all those calories!


Revived giggle I get in the car and have a drive home whilst making a selfie video! I mean what can be better than a video of me driving the MX5 other than you actually watching me drive the MX5!


Wow I love my MX5 on days like today!


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