Friday, June 06, 2014

Fruli Friday


With the classic car show not being on yesterday and it being a bright morning,


I went topless and took the car to the petrol station and then to work in it. What a lovely drive it was this morning.


I have breakfast and Mr Paul Barton turns up to say hi and have some with us.


Many hours later my brother has reported that he believes that the Comedy Club isn’t on tonight afterall. I check the civic halls website which isn’t functioning, so my brother tries it and its not functioning. So I call them and ask. They say please hold on whilst they check it. One hopes they’re not trying their own web site for info. They come back and tell me its not on afterall and that the next one will be July as per the poster and not their website. I call Les to ensure he doesn’t rush home and in doing so we change the plan to get together anyway at the Littleton Arms. Les said he would collect me and drop me in Penkridge. I would get he bus back home latter although the bus leaves at 10:45pm to get me back. I get in and the cat joins me on the sofa.


I need a quick tea then and opt for a couple of bananas.


Which turns into four bananas and some tomatoes, whilst I impatiently wait around for Les. I call him and he’s in the shower! The tomatoes I eat the skins as well.


During this extra time the neighbour comes round and drops me a package off. The Anker super car charger has come.


Along with the high powered USB wall socket charger unit Alan recommended to me – having left my phone charger in the wall socket of the travel lodge in Fort William. This will at least cut down on all those charging plugs I have to carry around. Its a super intelligent device that works out how to juice up each item as quickly as possible!


At last Les collects me, a call from my brother confirms he’s in the pub and has seats outside. We park round Les’s, get his brother out and off to the pub we go by legs power. We go to the bar. It busy and queue in different sections. I get served first and order 2 Aspale ciders knowing Paul wants one and I’m going to have one, and call the others over. Paul insists in getting the round in, and suggests he has two pints as well, and this and that for the others. Just how many ciders does he want to drink? He calls the bar tender over to alter the order, and then I alter it again so that we all have two pints. We are now getting funny looks of the bar tender. I explain to Paul the first two pints were not solely for me. ah right, well well stick with two pints each round then. We split the cost of this round some £30 odd quid.


From then on we drink a shed load in two pint rounds. It pleasant enough outside but eventually I’m getting cold even though I’ve had beer.


Beer of a red kind mostly, yummy fruli strawberry beer.


I get us some seats inside and the others come in.


I notice the time and decide to not catch the bus. They all laugh saying isn’t that your bus out there. Yep it is. Aren't you going to catch it. I look at my full pint and say no. Les says I can stay round for the night, however I know I’m going to have a hangover from this and want to wake up in my own comfy bed.


We leave the pub and I head over to the taxi rank office. Oh I must have missed it and walk back along the street, and again, and then sigh. Its gone! I call Les and tell him I’m on my way to his house and can he call me a cab. I get to his house and within a couple of minutes the cab comes, or it feels like a couple of minutes. Before you know it I’m back home and so ready for bed.


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