Sunday, June 22, 2014

Home Economics


Sunday is a beautiful sunny day. And I start it indoors reading my new Retro Gamer magazine


Eating Chilli and Lime crisps


And enjoying Girly Gamer video’s on YouTube. If you think I’ve got retro gaming problems she is far far far more enthusiastic and devoted to the course. (click above)

There’s loads of them!


A visit to the pound shop got me these and also I had to pop into Dunlem to get some sewing stuff.


You see when I took my top drown this morning the roof split.


And its either £500 for a new roof or I spent 5 hours sewing it up the best I could.


It doesn’t look great but is functional and at present this is the way its going to stay.


For the most part of it know one else will ever know by the time I’ve finished. And then I helped my dad repair the garage door. After all these years he’s now only just decided to do it!


The evening I spent with Rog & Phil looking at mortgages, Life Insurance, Building insurance and all the others until we were all overwhelmed with information. Then we settled down and enjoyed the Grandprix in the comfort of his fabulous New Home.


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