Thursday, June 19, 2014

Now Really Scared


Zoe has decided to keep and eye on me. Perhaps she thinks I’m misbehaving? Maybe not. One thing is for sure, I could do with a cup of tea, I’ve had a telephone call and now I’m really scared! No ones laughing now! Zoe sends a request to play on the PS3 latter but suggest that after I go to the gym I won’t have enough energy to wiggle my fingers on the joypad.


I go to the gym after work to find out that I haven't brought my shorts! Can you believe it? Luckily though I have my swimming trunks and decide to go for a swim, something I haven't done since my last snowboarding holiday in March. And that was now most likely my last snowboarding holiday for some time! When I get out the pool and get changed I remove my contact lens and one breaks! Dam it that's £100 pound down the drain as the insurance finished at the beginning of the month! That's all I needed right now!


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