Friday, June 27, 2014

Sore Friday


I get up and my mouth ulcers are really sore, in particular this one


Ouch. Loads of pineapple juice and slices last night helped but its agonising again this morning.


I head tot he car and take a quick look at the happy plants. They are really growing now


Sometime later at my desk I put down my survival kit and


head for breakfast. Not the usual breakfast I have this morning but two bacon and egg sandwiches. The day goes by quickly enough. At diner time I have the pineapple slices and head off out to find out where the solicitors office is after I had called them. Its some 25minutes away from work in time, but not far away located right next to the railway station in Sutton Coldfeild. I could probably get the train from work to here and back quicker.


I have a good chat with someone at work after five who had brought a house recently and chatted about their holiday at the Lake District they had last week. Before you knew it, 7pm had gone and I thought I may as well go home. But I didn’t. I went to Decathlon at junction 9 and went shopping for something. But I decided against it and instead brought some waterproofer. Novadry. Hopefully this will work better than that Granger water proofer stuff I brought in Scotland from Blacks, and this was only £3.99.


I give it a dam good spray. Now to leave it to hang for 12 hours. Mind the house now smells chemically and I’m high as a kite.


I settler in and put on GTA V to play online, but for some reason I can’t connect with the others Sad smile


By the time we do connect, I can’t keep my eyes open and fall asleep on the sofa. Time for bed then…..


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