Sunday, June 01, 2014

The Big Clear Out


I new it was time to have a clear out. I’d been meaning to do this for some time. First I started with my sports tops, then my Tshirts, next was my ties. Good god how had I managed to get so many?!?!?



I started sifting through them, putting on the to clear pile any that wear slightly worn or grubby, even my very favourties. Then I have to go back through them again and try harder.


So thee are the ones I’m keeping. Yep I’ve still got plenty.


And this Wolves one i have saved for Les, although he never wears a tie I’m sure he’d love to have this one should the need ever arise.


And these have been at the bottom of my wardrobe for 2 years. Perfect, nearly like new, I tried to sell them on eBay for 3 months without a buyer. If nobody asks for them soon the bin men will have them. 1./2 a size too tight for me.


then there is the electric clutter, cables, out of date devices, broken Ps3 etc I have hoarded that maybe useful one day.


And then two of the old type PS3’s fell on my head on two different places from the shelf they were stacked on! Hell they are heavy and boy did it hurt, my head was spinning and it hurt bad. The pile of junk and unwanted stuff I’d collected went on and on! Unbeleivable.

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