Friday, June 20, 2014

This will end how I don't want it to end


Friday and work is over, the sun is out and I’m off to see Maddy, Hattie Isabel and Matt himself. I wander across Birmingham in glorious sunshine. Its a lovely walk and on the way I have a long chat with Rog.


I take a moment to look at the new Library building now all the construction work has gone.


Then wander across the road and await a bus to Harborne. A bus 29 comes and I ask if its going via Harborne High Street. “yes” I’m reassured by he driver and give him £2.10. Not being a bus number I know I was bit worried and then it went a way I didn’t recognise but soon got back on the right route. Mind it has been a long time since I went to Harborne on the bus.


I get off outside the Plough and manage not to go in.


I stroll down the quiet roads


Thinking to myself the events of the week.


and here I am at my destination. I ring the bell and hear Hatties voice calling “Uncle Nacks here Uncle Nacks here!”


And the child abuse begins on Uncle Nack.


I’m not sure who’s idea it was to have Hattie learn the violin but we all get to listen to it and then she insists that we all have a go just to prove how hard it is to play it.


All I can say is that Matt needs plenty more practice.


The children go to bed and Matt takes me for a romantic walk through a graveyard and into a pub.


No ordinary pub though,


it was a pub with a bowling green, and I have the inkling Matt wants to join the club.


Matt however mad us move on to a pub where the person in front of me ordered loads of cocktails. I nearly gave up getting a drink.


Eventually delivered to the beer garden Matt insisted that he must lower the tone of the cocktail drinking yuppies we where surrounded by.


Next was the Junction


which had my favourite UBU.


And then the Proverbial. By now I knew I was in trouble. I wasn’t sober, I was nowhere near being sober.


And Matt wasn’t either. Not content with this pub he made us move on.


And here we are in the White Horse. now one pint here would have been enough but no, this is a night out with Poade.


And he wanted to drink this!!! So WE did!


At some point we ended up here.


Looked at the menu


and then ordered a Vindaloo and Phal that wasn’t on the menu but the chef was eager to do for us, along with the hot chilli dips and poppadum's!


At some point it all got too much for Matt.


And this is exactly how I remember the walk home.  Well okay then I don’t remember the walk home!


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