Tuesday, June 17, 2014

What's in the Box?


I get home and a box has arrived. But what's inside it isn’t for me.


I check it all and then wrap it up. Luckily I have enough wrapping paper for a box this size!


Then we head off to take a look at another box and for a change my dad isn’t muttering what rubbish pile of bricks have you brought me to see this time?


In the back is yet another box. A grey concrete one. But I know Les would like this lawn.


We spend an hour looking at the house I know I can’t afford to buy and talking to the owners.


Which is worse. This is the first place I like so much that I feel I can make and call it home.


And for me there are only three negatives, I don’t like the bathroom being downstairs – but that could be moved up easily making it a two bedroom house, there is no dinning area – unless you move the bathroom upstairs and the fact next door have a gate and right away across the immediate back yard and down the drive.


However more of boxes are ticked than not for a change at this house including a drive, a garage, a nice large garden, a nice kitchen, 3 nice sized bedrooms and a big enough living area and a pub 32 seconds away.


I go home pondering the finances and just how much more of a monthly mortgage payment I can comfortably make and how little I’m going to be able to offer them. I close my eyes to go to sleep and I consider I like it, I like it, I like it, I’ll offer what I can they can just say no.


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