Sunday, July 13, 2014

Boiling Cider


After researching and ordering tyres for my dad, then being given his broken phone to fix but was unfixable. We end up returning it to Tesco’s who will arrange for it to be collected and sent away, no doubt for it to be condemned like I have worked and and the shop assistant. No doubt a 24 month guarantee doesn’t guarantee it will work that long, well its 14 months old. Whilst in the electrical department I notice they still sell the Ipod Classic Matt Poade had asked me about some weeks back. Erm, I thought I’d they'd stopped selling these, but no and they are STILL £174, what????Why would you buy one for that amount? A camping table and 6 cartons of milk later we are back in the car and heading for


Dunelm, looking at furniture I have nowhere to put right now. Besides I could probably do with a fridge more.


Cushions I don’t need that's for sure.


A kettle though, now that's a necessity and I like this one, but then I would at that price.


Thats it then here we have some table and chairs. I stop the excitement and suggest we have some time to not spend money and to look for some second hand items that will be more wallet friendly.


When I get back home the cat is being very friendly again.


And doesn’t want feeding!


Well that was nice and


I got up and left her comfortably sitting on the sofa


A couple of fridge freezers, garden furniture, tables and chairs latter on ebay that I lost, I brought this kettle, recognise it? So its either hooky, broken, reconditioned, dented or Matt Poades boiled cider in it for two weeks and not worked it out until it was to late.


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