Monday, July 21, 2014

Cut off day


Today is the day I say goodbye to Virgin Media, and when I wake up they have sent me an email to confirm they have cut me off. So now there is no broadband at home. Now this wouldn’t be a problem apart from the fact the new Router and information for connection from BT has not come yet, although checking last night the tracking information was confirming the package would be with us today. I set out to go to a meeting in Heywood for the day and disappear.


When I’m back the package has arrived. Installation is simple if you want to do a simple install and if not it is not well explained at all.


Many device up and working later and the router and settings altered to what I want and not what BT wants them automatically set to.


With the weather so nice I go outside and start cutting the overgrowing garden back, to the initial dismay of the parents. However once I’m finished they are very pleased with my work and grateful in their own way.


By evening the temperature a has cooled so I decide to head out on my bike. I think this is the first time I’ve been on it this year from my house. its certainly the first time I’ve been on it since I put my bags on it and new rear tyre!


Another parcel has come too, a second hand modius camera, so I connect it and give it a whizz


And off we go


From the road with Chillington Hall on it I turn the camera on so you can enjoy!




Wow what a lovely ride it is tonight, that is until I hit the mud!


Well it started off clean but now it is very dirty.


So time for a rinse!


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