Friday, July 18, 2014

Dream Girl


Friday I get to work nice and early with my trailer still attached to my car and the hope I may be able to go round the Poades and remove some furniture they have put aside for me. Before work starts I have a hearty breakfast in the canteen with a few of the others.


As the day moves along I decide to ask my boss if I can borrow one of the vans for the weekend instead of try to do all the moving with my car and trailer. Besides the weather is going to be nasty. The Mercedes Sprinter is available, a somewhat formidable machine and quiet long. When I say formidable I mean wreck. I question if I can drive it through Birmingham to the Poade’s or not? So I until about six before leaving work. I get to the Poade’s safely but there is nowhere to park such a vehicle round theirs. I park some distance away and walk to their house.


Even though it is bed time Hattie is very happy to see me.


She even shows me how to design my dream girl. And with that she goes to bed to dream herself.


We load the van and sometime later I get home, after dropping the furniture around Les’s and saying hello to him. I park the van in my usual spot and block all sunlight to the living room.


And whilst I’m outside I notice my first sunflowers are now out in bloom!


Truly gorgeous.


The sun set and I get the frying pan out and some real burgers.


The goes outside to cool off and hides under a bush by one of the secret statues.


Whilst I eat my burgers and have a beer in the twilight and enjoy the evening air.


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