Saturday, July 12, 2014

Getting all Arty


Saturday morning the weather is grand. I fire up the MX5 and I take my mom to Brewood.


Here we go to the Art Exhibition that is being put on.


And there are lots and lots of pictures to see.


And they are all done by the artists in the art group.



of which one is my dad who has three pictures on display. There not his best ones mind for some reason?


I wander round admiring some of the fine works.


And some of the not so good ones.


And then we settle for some tea and cake.


Which was divine.


Ah sunflowers, the bloomin slugs have had my special red ones I was growing  Sad smile


I pick a picture to take with me.


Apparently the artist lives here.


And here is the fine master piece. Apparently he knows two or three off a day!


From here I head upto Stockport to see Mat, Zoe and Alan. I spend loads of time with Matt before nipping over to 125. Although I hardly actually see Alan as he's not there, he’s not been there all day. Zoe explains he’s run off, something to do with lots of hard work the week before. I leave a thousand minidisc for his day, take them somewhere and then head back home When I get home Katie is strangely happy to see me.


Thanks to Matt my PS2 collection has grown slightly and so I play on them for a while.


And whilst on my sofa I notice I now  have 3 lemons growing.


I watch some girly gamer on Youtube and then go to bed.

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