Monday, July 07, 2014

I’ve got to pay for it as well?!?


So we are hurtling up the M1 A1 or5 somewhere like that when I win the coffee table in Lichfield. I contact the seller to ask if they want it collecting this weekend or if they can wait until an evening in the week. Well they would prefer it gone, so I call my dad and ask him if he would mind popping over to Lichfield to collect it on Saturday morning before they go out. Not a problem. I let him know I will email the details. I put the phone down and then think “eh I fogot to tell him he will need to pay for it on collection”. I forward my dad an email with the sellers address on and press send. Hell I’ve forgotten to mention he’ll need to pay for it on collection! I send another email straight after whilst bouncing around in the back of Les car hoping to get a signal anytime some. I write the email and press send. Within two minutes he calls me back and says “Do I understand this right – I’ve got to pay for it as well!”


I get home Sunday and unpack the gear out of Les’s car and have a cup of tea. I’d forgotten all about the coffee table by then, when my dad perks up – “do you like the coffee table then?”. “Um I forgot about that, dad where is it?” I say. “It’s still in the car its heavy so i left it there”, he replied. I got out and get it wow its big. I mean big.


“So son where are we going to keep it unitl you need it then?” he asked…..


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