Wednesday, July 02, 2014



Its meant to so easy to get a MAC code for transfer of broadband nowadays. But is it with Virgin? Well I was surprised at how hard they made it, even after all my years of loyalty to what is a pretty shabby connection on a Sunday inparticular. And if you want a MAC code on a Sunday forget it. They don’t have a magic button on there WEB site, they don’t even tell you how to get one or direct you on how to get one. Is it clear NO. And if you call their call centre number get ready for a menu system that doesn’t direct you to an offering of one. There’s is no menu for “you want a mac doe press 3”. Even when I had them online chat and on the phone at the same time I still got nowhere with them. So luckily I got to work early enough to call them on a weekday to get my MAC code and oddly the voice on the other end was one of attitude, which didn’t particularly make me want to sign back up, along with you can’t do that with a MAC code you need to close your account first. “my response was give to me I’m going to try it anyway its all they have asked for to switch”. You know what? The expert on the other end of the line was wrong, I did and could use the MAC code. So now this houses media package will be with BT and I so ponder where the other houses media package will be with???


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