Sunday, July 20, 2014



I get up and clean the van. Well the cab bit. All my other ebay bids have been beaten. So that's enough spending for now.


I return it to work and take my mom along for the ride.


On the way back we go to Decathlon, B&Q and Homebase. I look at the bedroom furniture and consider….Did the last wardrobes really cost that much from MFI? Did they. Christ I think they did? Suddenly I’m thinking of taking them with me, but really they should stay. I designed them to fit the room they are in. We have some dinner in KFC and head home.


Back at home I get taking the Dyson vacuum cleaner apart to work out what's wrong with it and what new parts are required. And I replace the one CCTV camera that's gone faulty with a new one. Oddly though that doesn’t fix it? Why not? Because it’s not the camera that's broken but the power supply. I tell my dad to go and get a none cheap one fro Maplins tomorrow. I’m guessing tomorrow will bring more problems, The Birmingham tunnels are closed, so thankgod I’m going to work in Heywood, and Virgin Media should be switched off and BT super should be switch on. It be a miracle if it goes smoothly.


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