Saturday, July 19, 2014

The White Van Adventures


Today was going to be a big day. So breakfast first.


So today we have two bed frames to collect and a table and chairs.


Of course the weather changed as soon as I left the house with my dad to head over to Pattingham. Along with flooded roads and a lot of getting wet. LEs is overjoyed to see us as I have to disturb him as I have not brought my key round to get in his garage.


We wait and have a cup of tea whilst I’m awaiting collection address’s and times.


They come and we are off to Tamworth for the table and chairs and then Sutton Coldfeild for bed frame two. I have left my dad and LEs co-pilots me for the rest of the day. Which is a great help as he can read a map.


Following that we go around the Greenies to go around their old house to empty whatever we can from it before they sell it.


Here is the team at work.


Whilst there Greenie really wanted the children's old climbing frame transported. So we obliged, and luckily it just fitted in the van with a little persuasion and taking it apart.


The back for the furniture and odds and sods, a Dyson vacuum, a sofa bed thing, a fridge, a electric fire, a tv cabinet and a lawn mower for Greenies dad and bookshelf.


At around 8pm I got home. The days adventures where finished. Having a van helped no end.


And then it was off to Jivans. We ordered our usual and they commented we hadn’t been for a long time.


They were right we hadn’t and then I changed my order to Chicken Chilli.


Which would have been too hot for my brother as he was struggling with his starter!


The Nans were lovely.


The food delicious.


The beer just perfect after a hard day.


And when I got in all the Katie said was “ where have you been all day?”

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