Friday, July 25, 2014

Time For Bed


I get the car packed for an action packed weekend. I even manage to squeeze the Jenga in with the tent.


Then after work I head north bound, dreaming of what might be for tea?


At Stockport I find Matt and we head into town until we bump into Alan.


Zoe, George Sara are already busy drinking and eating and talking. We have some catching up to do and head to the brewery store.


which we visited too often! We played with the wands and glittered what ever may have been in our path.


We were invincible.


And so tried the newly refurbished Bakers Vaults when the market and Foodie stalls closed down for the night.


The walk home passed quickly, as we walked past the 24 hour gym and then near to the Blossoms. Look Alan


Steve’s band is playing can we go and see them I say.


and before you know it we have parted company with Zoe and George, with Alan forewarning me “You do know we have got to be up early in the morning don’t you”


I notice Alan gets a real beer glass. And yet I get a bog standard one. Perhaps he has problems holding a slender glass.


Upstairs Steve is strumming away at his guitar and singing delightful verses.


All the classics come out and we nudge further in until


we find a seat n the floor.


Steve “calms the audience down and notes Alan's position “Please can you ensure you don’t step on Alan as you leave the room, he looks docile but I can reassure you he isn’t!”


A few songs in and the Landlord gets to play to.


strutting his stuff in time Steve.


It was all good stuff and the gig went on for ages.


Eventually though the music came to an end, we went down to the bar, had a couple more drinks and finally went home, where we had a couple more drinks with Zoe and George. I was finally woken up at 4am to be told “Nack go to bed”.


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