Wednesday, July 30, 2014



Car packed with mobility scooter I have got to consider where I’m going to put my luggage? I get to work and have my Friday breakfast today instead. Two of my favourite work friends join me, or was it I joined them as they seem to be going every day now.


9 hours latter I’m outside the park with an owl. I drop my bags into the room I’m staying in, I then close the front door lock it and head around to Matts house. Matt is ready for a beer and we walk around to the Blossom’s. Matt hasn’t been here for ages. The drinks flow, and chitter chatter too, At some point in the night Alan turns up. Me and Matt are pretty merry now and we stay way longer than perhaps I was anticipating. It was nice though being together chatting away.


Eventually Matt decides to go home. And myself and Alan leave a few minutes latter. “We should go for a curry” says Alan. I know he’s taking the mick but he actually looks serious. “how about a Luiggi pizza instead?” I say. As we head to the pizza shop we can see a thin figure in the shop. “I bet that’s Matt” says Alan.


Amazingly enough he wasn’t wrong! It was Matt. And so we had loads of pizza but the pizza man now knew exactly who was vegetarian and who was not. We went back to home and settled in with Zoe. I know we should have gone to bed earlier but hay we didn’t! I love my friends here.


"Nowhere Near The End Of the Rainbow"
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