Wednesday, July 23, 2014

When is a Virgin Gym Not A Virgin Gym?


I go to the gym eventually, having battled across the Birmingham city centre whilst the tunnels are closed. This is a nightmare. Who thought of this?? Once there I was faced with a sign at the entrance. What's this? The Virgin Gym isn’t going to be a Virgin Gym?


And I’m advised that there is a two year program to re-develop the establishment. Somehow I think my days here are now numbered anyway.


Back at home some of the spare parts have come so I get on with a revamp of my own and start to repair the Dyson vacuum cleaner. I just need that hose bit now.


And then I settle for the night in front of the TV being told about the fascination human kind has with oil, how we are conquering and killing the world with the use of oil, how we are artificially living because of this fascination of oil, and how we have put the blinkers on how little of the substance we love so much of it there is left. More to the point because of oil we will of started the inevitable destruction of the planet and mankind within ten years without being able to turn the clocks back. I’d better cancel that membership then.


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