Thursday, August 21, 2014

Collection Service


The next morning I get up for work shattered from the evening before. I needed to take the trailer to work and hell I couldn’t get the pad lock off it my dad had put on. I went through all the keys, Lubricated the lock and then finally got my dad out of bed to sort it out. I guess he wasn’t pleased but then he couldn’t get it unlocked either, and said he’d had trouble with it the last time he wanted to get it off! Brilliant the clock is ticking. Out comes the grinder and off comes the lock. I hitch the trailer the car and head to work. After work I cross the city centre of Birmingham with the trailer on bypassing the closed tunnels and heading to Matt Poades in Harborne. I come to their road a one way road with cars parked bumper to bumper on the roadside. I ponder how I’m going to park up? And as I pull out side their house I reach for the hazard lights and stop the traffic. I unhitch the trailer and push it onto the pavement and consider where I’m going to put the car. I manage to squeeze it at an angle before heading on in and briefly seeing Matt and Maddy. Poade laughs at the arrange I have left the car car and trailer in whilst we go and get the chest of draws. So far things were going well. They it started to rain!. With the chester draws in the trailer and the trailer re-hitched causing traffic issues, again I’m off to my friends in Stafford to start to fill his garage. Once we have had a good natter I head over to my brothers and collect his bag for the weekend. By the time I am home its dark and late, I now need to pack my bag for tomorrow, unhitch the trailer, get the bike rack out, get the camping gear out and actually pack for myself. I leave the hitching of the bike rack, putting the bike on the rack and a small amount of packing for the morning – I manage to do most of it before closing my eyes. Boy I’m tired.


"Nowhere Near The End Of the Rainbow"
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