Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Door Service


After watering the cactus using a bucket, I get in my car and head towards Stockport.


A day dream or too and I’m at the Park with an Owl.


I get my tent out of the bag and head into the eerily quiet Alan and Zoes and drop the tent off in their hall way.


I nip to the bank and Alan gives me a call “I’m watching you he says”. But hell its from a distance. I tell him I’ll leave the money in the tent bag and he asks if the builders have finish and something about a box of cakes in the kitchen. On my return to their house I can see the new patio doors have a safety bar feature that you only see on non ground floor flats. Its actually electrical conduit, so if you ever want to go outside you have to do a limbo dance.


The new kitchen window looks great, the kitchen is brighter and now you can see down the garden, Excellent.


And whats this? They look like they are for the builders. But it looks like they haven't been. Did Alan say one was for me. A second latter I considered that if they had been here all day any way the cream would be curdling. So munch munch, a lick of the lips and one had gone. I leave the money in the tent, close the door and give Matt a call.


Matt is in and he’s tells me its Okay to come round have a cup of tea and have some chips around his, and er no he doesn’t want anything – oh then again he does! I nip to the Davenport chippy and get 2 bags before heading on round. But hey I was in for a wonderful surprise once I’d knocked the door, for the beautiful Rosie opened it complete with her wonderful smile, this was the start of a lovely evening.


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