Saturday, August 16, 2014

The Range


A girl at work told mew about a shop I must go to now I’m getting my own place. She said I’d love it. It was called The Range.


I’d never heard of it but she insisted it was good and was like a home B&Q and would love it.


So i asked where it was. Which became a bit difficult for her.


Although she had been and liked it she didn’t actually know where the place was!


So I goggled it and wow there one not too far away. Why have I never heard of it.


And so some time was put aside to visit this amazing shop which once there


was truly full of homewares


that would make you want you open your wallet


and spend like there is no tomorrow.


Of course you would need a van.


and some of the furniture items looked like the quality wasn’t actually there.


but there was enough stuff to keep you amused.


And once all your walking is completed.


there is also a coffee shop to allow you to relax and think


I’ll just get that one item I didn’t pick up.


So what did I pick up? Well this hen.


And this device although I’m not sure what it is for.


A lamp for when I get the electricity cut off


and a tent for when I get evicted.


I also order two mattresses but that was from dreams……….

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