Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Going Blind


So today the train came on time. I know that as I had to run for it. I saw it go over the bridge and into the platform at Cannock. At that moment I considered if I run for it will the doors shut on me just as I get there. I went for it anyway, and caught it. Hence here i was sitting at Walsall awaiting my connection.


And whilst doing so my phone was antagonising me with the fact the M6 is Okay for a change. Mind you google often gets it wrong, or right as the case maybe as it does say normal.


I have a hearty beige dinner at work.


and then its time for the train home again.


I enjoy the views.


and when home I get to put up the blinds in the fron room I went to Dun Elm for yesterday. Here they are closed.


and here they are open!


With the blind installed it time to cook tea. And tonight I’m going to cook the fresh Cauliflower Zoe gave to me. So first some peppers, chilli and onion


Then quickly cook the cauliflower in butter in a separate pan.


Then add it all together,


Let it cook a bit


Before adding some cheese on top.


And what a nice meal it made too, perhaps a bit too much of it but there you go.


And with that I put the kettle on and


settle down to watch some Doctor Who via the BBC iplayer now that I have broadband. I’m so so many episodes behind will I ever catch up?


Eventually it was time to close my eyes.


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