Wednesday, September 10, 2014



I meet Rog around my house, he’s there waiting for me, and guess what's in the drive. Yep them bins I asked for. I move them and we head in. And guess what's in the post? Yeah the mortgage, Oh wow they don’t want paying for a month, or the council tax, well that's useful. And what's this two letters from the energy company. How many gas cards have they sent. Well Rog I’m off to the shops then to see if a miracle happens!


So into the meter the card goes, yep it recognises it, and then to the shop I’ve been specifically told to go and put one pound of credit on. Yep he still speaks no english and is looking at me as if I’m mad. Back home and back in with the gas card. Oooohh flashing display and wow the meter has reset! And so back to the shop and I put £20 on with the man who speaks no English and looks at me weirder as if to say well why didn’t he do that in the first place! Then back home and back in the card slot, Yeah we have gas! And so we try the cooker – yep it now works, and then fire up the boiler, yep it now works and try the hot taps and yep they are all hot and then on with the dual zone central heating system. The boiler fires up and the radiators all get incredibly hot.


We open the windows and leave the central heating on for a few hours. Wow its hot at which point Rog leaves me to slowly empty all my boxes.


It takes a long, long while.


But eventually I have managed to empty one third of them!


I have even had a card from my parents whilst they are away.


Well its time for home then I guess.


Hold on, these aren't black, and these aren't my workshoes!


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