Saturday, September 13, 2014

The Glamorous Bog Brush


I should be building a wardrobe but I’m not….The van is loaded full of wardrobe and mattress but before I head over to the house I need my haircutting. So I go to my favourite hairdressers and the girl hairdresser does my hair. She always makes a good job of it and today we don’t say much apart from when she has finished and I say “that was nice and relaxing thanks” And she replied “it was for me too.” Feeling happier and fresher I head back in my MX5 to collect the parents and heading over to my house.



I park up and start the unloading of the mattress and heavy and many bits of wardrobe.


For the moment I put the mattress in the front room.


And all the bedding in preparation.


My dad sets to work adding a high security Yale lock to the back door.


Sometime later I take my mom across the road to the Piped Piper pub for dinner. Interestingly though they have no chef just now. They offer a bag of crisps but we opt not to. The pub itself doesn’t look as bad on the inside as it did on the inside. Just a lack of customers and hence I guess no chef. Instead we go to ASDA cafe and have lunch their, a nice chilli con carne for me and a Steak Pie and chips for my mom. From here I thought I’d get a shower curtain, the one and only curtain I desperately need. could I find any? No. But what did I find? This rather glamorous bog brush. And this is where things


got blinged you see. Not only was there a bog brush but also


These to go with it. But could I find any shower curtains?? No I couldn't


In fact after I’d got a couple of other things and we were queuing to pay, my mom said she also wanted a glamorous bog brush too. So I ran up the isles and got one. And what did I see? The shower curtains. Now there was a choice of six and I decided to go for the one with black strips to match the black floor and other items. What I didn’t realise was….it was also a glamorous shower curtain!


Pizzass – I know life is so exciting!


And to go with that excitement I used the gift card Rog and Phil got me for a couple of useful items that would last a while… A toaster and batter drill. I know life is so exciting I just said that.


Time was moving on and back at the house I needed to get that wardrobe done to actually move in. I start the build in bedroom 2.


No I never measured this wardrobe, I just brought it on ebay as it was cheap and looked okay. The man selling it too me was disappointed he’d damaged it taking it apart and was quiet happy for me to walk away ad not have it. However, being a flat packed wardrobe I knew there where going to be issues, and hence why I left my bedroom set back at my parents – they just don’t like being moved and dismantled. So I get building and working it out how to put it together and adding extra mounting blocks as I went along. More surprisingly though once it was built…


it fitted between the chimney breast and window perfectly. This did mean though that the double bed need to go against the wall to open the wardrobe doors. Not great and not really what I wanted. But time was pushing on and I needed to get all my cloths over, so off I went around my parents. On the way I also call around Di’s who’s got me a white bedside cabinet, perfect and an IKEA chair and some girly vase and dried flowers to brighten the place up with. oh and also some candles should the electricity get cut off – what is she thinking?


I fill the van with yet more items from home, of which most go into the garage! Then I set about putting my mountains of cloths away.


There’s nearly enough space but not quiet.


I make the bed and consider it must be time for bed now I’ve created it! I lock the doors, close the curtains, turn the lights off and


I look at the fairy the original owners left me, I close my eyes, in my own house for the first time and sleep soundly in comfort.

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