Saturday, September 27, 2014

I’ll just get the fire extinguisher.


Morning comes and I head down stairs, I get showered and changed and


start to cook breakfast. I seem to have a problem though. I seem to cook way too much for one person each time.


I go and collect my mom and then we head  into Cannock centre for a shop. I seem to buy lots of stuff. The main Items I wanted though were a telephone extension cable and an TV aerial extension cable.


We stop for dinner at the Weatherspoons, a nice little pub in the center.


We choose from the menu and


for a shade over a tenner we have pie and chips each and a drink.


Which is all I need after all those bacon sandwiches.


Yep I prefer it here to across the road, but only because there’s no flies.


And it seems popular too.


Now I’ve never noticed before, but in the centre of Cannock the green is infact a bowling green. how quaint. I drop my mom back home, pack loads of stuff into my car, including my main PC and head home with a full boot once more. But onthe way back I want something if they still have them.


I headed to the garden center and remembered what the girl told me the last time I got one of these for my moms birthday. “there are some still hidden up in the cafe area”. I go to the cafe area and look around. I’m in look, there’s a couple around. I pay and then sit her in the car. I’ve got a fairy I’d like you to meet.


Back at home I look into the garden and consider, where am I going to put my Buddha and that grass needs mowing again brilliant.


I put the Buddha on the tree stump and get out my own personal mower for the first time.


Oh the joy of the smell of grass being cut once more.


And a short time later the task is done.


I enjoy the Buddha its perfect, and then consider weather i have time to cut the front headge back or to paint the gate.


I decide on the gate. Which seemed like a good idea until I ran out of paint three quarters of the ay through the job! Brill.


It was too late to go and get anymore and my brother had turned up! Not to help but to go to the pub across the road and have a couple of pints in The Piped Piper.


It was surprisingly welcoming and freidnly and the beer was £2 a pint of Banks Bitter, well until the end of the month we were told. then it would be £2.25. Well we nearly fell off our seats at that. They told us about the area and where to go and after a couple of pints it was time to


head to a curry house that Les of all people had recommended. Well he had recommended it via his brother who loves hot as you can get it food.


As we settle down at a table and look at the menu I notice there’s no beer on the menu. I look around everyone has brought their own. I call a waiter over and double check. Nope they don’t serve alcohol, and so I tell them I’m just leaving and will be back shortly to order.


I come back from the Nisa and they have provided popadoms to munch on whilst we look through the extensive menu.


We start with Tiger beers which is followed by Carlsberge when


the wait appears with our starters. As he puts down my dish he says “good luck sir I hope god is with you”. “ what I say?” “ and he replies “I’m just off to get the fire extinguisher for you sir – your going to need it”


As I eat my chilli pakora I see them watching me over bar the non alcoholic bar. There’s no doubt about it these things are hot, but I don’t cry and I carry on munching until I need more beer. I call one of them over quickly. “You need water sir?” He asked. “Nope” I replied, “ I need this bottle of beer opening and promptly too.” He smiled and dashed away to bring a bottle opener. We have a long chit chat on his return and another waiter brings over some menus to take home and


Some keyrings, with their number on of course so I can call them anytime.


The curries come and are delicious. but we all know what truly makes a good curry or not.


Weather the nan breads are up to scratch. And whilst the nans aren’t as good as at Jivans they certainly aren’t bad.


Nice enough to come back to that's for sure, even if it is like an 80’s disco in here.


Well some one thought it was good once.


So do you fancy a pudding then brother? Nope well lets get the bill and walk home.


Now there certain places you shouldn’t walk alone, and you should never forget those places as most of the time they are the most deserted streets to walk, or so I have found.


Back home we try to watch Doctor Who, but


I fell alseep again, and whilst my brother woke me up 3 times, I woke alone in the living room. He’d gone to bed hours ago and so I made my way up to my room too. I think I’m going to regret drinking all that beer……


"Nowhere Near The End Of the Rainbow"
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