Friday, September 26, 2014

Mission accomplished.


Friday is breakfast club day and the only way I’m going to make it is if I catch the 6:50am train. Yeah thats right not a chance. But as it happens the alarm went off, I got my cloths on, opened all the curtains and headed out the front door. And I made it to that 6:50am train. Notably there are no where near as many passengers on it. I can’t think why. I get off at Walsall as usual and make the decision to buy a pass for month dropping the price of a travel to £14 a week.


It also gives me the opportunity to get a paper time table which will allow me to see easier all the options and routes I can do – google may do a good job but I know far better.


I look at the train times and head down to platform 3.


By the time I reach the office I realise its muftiday and in my rush to get out of the door I just simply reached into the wardrobe and got a shirt and tie without a second though. Oh the joys of autopilot.


Oh course though mission was accomplished and I hit the Friday breakfast club with a full on fry up.


And at dinner time I went for a wlak with a couple of others and had an ice cream in the “park”.


I decided to try for the 5:05pm train, and this involved running down the road to catch it. And I just did. Really its too close for comfort, but it can be done if need be.


and on the train there is some interesting adverts.


I get home put up my picture and then head into the garage to move some boxes into the house.


A few very heavy boxes latter and I have books everywhere.


And also my travelling nick nacks.


I fill the shelves that have laid bare.


And give everything a good clean.


Before moving the books upstairs and onto the shelves.


Oh course I have way to many.


And I slowly find a place for them all. But the books are too close to the Ps1 and I accidentally turn it on and


put on driver 2 and play. Well this is a nice little room I’ve created.


I go down stairs and say good night to the fairy and then snap one of her wings off for good luck.


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