Monday, September 15, 2014

Naked Painting


I get up for work without a problem, get changed and head downstairs and consider the size of my new frying pan my well be too big now. Not that I’m going to use it this morning as its a weekday so I have a banana and some red berry cereals. Regrettably the journey through the centre of Cannock was very easy and didn’t offer any encouragement to catch the train in the future.


When at work I got the chance to go on the internet. And what did I do with this useful time? Well I went on Ebay and brought a second hand mower. Life is good and all that, or I just like the smell of grass maybe? My dad will be so please when it gets delivered to him. And with that my dad called me. He was at the shop with the sofa it looks alright, but, but, but it wasn’t £35. Nope it was £75 however it was the right dimension for the space. So oaky dad get it me and see if they will deliver it too.


I finish work and have a stint on the internet before leaving and heading to the range. There is a couple of things I want. A lamp shade for bedroom one as I seemed to forget to get one for it yesterday, a piece of wood, a light bulb and some fixing stuff. Once home I use the new coat hanger by the front door.


I have my tea which consists of salad and is accompanied by potato salad! I hang up the new lamp shade.


Put the bulb in the side table lamp, for which I have no side table and put a timer on it.


And the plank of wood does a great job here too. So now all the shelves are level and you can get at the plugs.


I move the sofa around for tomorrow morning and


move one of the seats to my computer desk, come home office – note no PC here yet as there is no internet so that would be pointless.


And the Ikea easy chair goes in the spare room which is slowly becoming a retro game snug room.


I sort out the tardis cupboard, put some shelves up in there and move the two spare dinning chairs in there. Then in the kitchen I fix up the carbon monoxide alarm, door bell and notice board.


I list the jobs that need doing for each room and ponder if my dad will see it, or even read it. Well its not for my benefit!


At about 10pm I have the inspiration to paint. So I open the door to the back hallway, get out the paint, the floor covering and the pro painter set. Now this new pro painter set is no where near as good as my old one. And when I read some reviews they actually said the same. So who ever has got my pro painter set I really would like it back….please. I got on with the task anyway.


Now I should have changed my cloths, but I thought I’d be careful and I wouldn't get any on myself. But I wasn’t careful enough and eventually came to the solution to this issue that I’d be better off painting with no cloths on. It worked a treat. I ponder if there is anyone out there in the world who’d like to give me a hand?


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