Monday, September 29, 2014

No more Streaming


Monday came all too quickly like it does. And wqhilst Alan thinks I don’t listen to a word he says he is wrong. At dinner time I log onto Amazon and cancel my streaming of Prime Video. It has gone so so so down hill since it parted life as Love Film. The disc I’m still going to have delivered to my door mind but this cuts the price of the service right down.


I get the 5:05om train home in the hope to get some work done outside the house.


And then it started to rain. Luckliy for me I brought a 99p umbrella from the 99p shop Pink Girl told me about. And she was right it is better than the pound shop. Better laid out, less crowded and 1p cheaper too!


Well the weather doesn’t improve, infact it becomes quite misty to the point its hard to see the pub let alone the fish and chip shop.


So instead of working outside I work inside setting up the home network and router. Its no longer down stairs but up in the small spare room – now know as retro room. Of course whilst I’ll now get a signal in the back garden, I have no signal in the front room because of the solid walls. So I get the naff netgear extender out and try it in various locations. Oddly it seems to work far better with the BT router than with the Netgear router I have!


I sort out the woring and a timer so that the system isn’t on all the time.


And then I sort out getting the telephone signal into the room.


And getting it from this point to that point involves lifting the carpet up that's bugging me from the smell.


As it happens though the Bissell has done a good job cleaning the carpet. Its the underlay that smells. I have brought two bottle of shack and vac and put it on to leave on for a few days.


There is an instant improvement. And can you believe it its time for bed already!


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