Sunday, September 07, 2014

Oh No I haven't brought a big enough house!


Sunday i get up and say goodbye to the parents as they leave for their holiday. I look at the stuff I’ve got to move and so dearly want to get the sofa over their. There is so much to move though before I can get to the sofa. But before that I need to empty all the shelving unit. So I make a start.


There is a point when I think Oh No I haven't brought a big enough house! Once everything has been put in my parents room I move the shelving units into the van on my own. the neighbour comes round and asks are you moving it all on your own? “Well yes everyone wants to watch the grand Prix and I only have the van for so long so I’ve got to get on with it”. He calls his son up but eventually my brother turns up. Which is great because at this point I think we can get the sofa out of my sitting room. Somewhere it has been for 7 years! My brother looks at me as if I’m mad I say” I got it in so I know we can get it out”. With a door off at the bottom of the stairs and a lot of negativity on my brothers part we get it in the van.


At the other end I’m glad its only a two seater sofa as a three seater sofa wouldn’t fit in. The triffid goes in the bathroom and my brother gives me a bathroom cabinet which I put in straight away. Then we unload all the shelving and put it in the house


I clean the kitchen some more and get my dancing daises on the window sill.


With the fridge cleaned by me and Rog, my brother has long gone by now, I place some beers in the fridge and switch it on.


The time flies by and before you know it, its time to return the van to its home in Birmingham.


Hell just look at the traffic!


Some time later the spare room is looking neater and


the stairs


and the living room, complete with repositioned table, sofa and TV!


Some cupboards go into room 2 that Matt and Maddy gave me and look real good.


I make my self some sandwhiches


and a very tired me puts my feet up for ten minutes and for me to think – this is home welcome.


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