Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Packing & Moving


Back at work and back on the phone with the energy company. I give up send me a card in the post please. I get my new instructions and I can’t wait to visit that store again with the man who speaks no English.


I go to my parents house and Rog meets me. Right then the items in my parents bedroom need moving to the house and it needs doing tonight – they’ll be back Thursday not Friday as I thought! Take a deep breath before you step in, this is going to be a big task. We go in and get on with it, packing item, after item, after item into boxes. His help is so appreciated he probably doesn’t believe it. Les is meant to come round with his estate car but makes no appearance. Rog on the other hand fills his new Mini Paceman car to the brim, endangering damaging his precious new motor. Me I’ve got a small company car and we fill that too. Its dark now so I let Les know not to come as we have moved on.


We arrive at the house and I’ve had my first post? Who is it from? Wow its from Pink Girl – how thoughtful and how nice for it to be the first post I get. Even the mortgage bill hasn’t turned up yet.


The garage becomes awfully full, along with the spare room. This is heavy, hard, exhausting work and after the heavy, hard, exhausting work we finish screwing lots more screws into the beds, and discussing where to put things. I appreciate his company and the sharing of making a home – I ponder if he realises just how much it means to me?


And all this work ends in a chips from the chippy for me and Rog of course! There's not a lot in the fridge other than a bit of cheese, some Clover and a piece of ham. So chip butties it is – with Rog saying just how many chips have they given you? Well they know I live across the road now.


Rog says goodnight and I continue to tidy up and rearrange.


Eventually its time to shut the door and head back to my parent house to sleep.


I say goodnight to the Kingfisher and disappear.

(This post is dedicated to Alan Jones and all the Woodpeckers of the world).


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