Saturday, September 20, 2014

Practise Run


I get up early on Saturday. I have a parcel come. Two 12V light fittings I can use in my garage off the solar power system. Yep that will keep me busy.


I get some photos and look at my map of the Cannock area.


So here goes lets see how long it will take to get to the station.


Well the practise run is done in the wet. Probably a good thing as this gives me an idea of how it will be for the commute. I find my way around and the best places to cross the main roads.


In fact this all appears to be too easy if


just a bit wet. which is really irritating in my glasses.


Yay I reach the station in twenty minutes.


And then I go up to the platform.


I decide to get the train to Walsall to see if I can pre arrange a weekly ticket and pass.


Once at Walsall I can see why Pink girl mentioned Poundland in her instructions. I go around and then head downstairs to get some keys cut at Timpsons.


Having not been around Walsall for some 10 years I take the opportunity to take a stroll and get my bearings.


Back at the station I go to the ticket office and find out the deal. Its £17.50 for a week ticket or £59.50 for a monthly pass.


Well I’ll just have the weekly ticket then for now. “You’ll need a photo sir to do that” said the ticket office man. He seemed well pleased the fact I actually had one on me and the pass was arranged.


Now what are the train times. There’s nothing like being prepared.


My dad calls to say his round my house and so its time to go home.


The train however isn’t for a for a while so I decide to use the time to call Pink Girl to see how she is doing. This makes the time pass quickly and before you know it…


I’m in Cannock station.


A quick check at the notice board and I’m off pondering if there is a cycle shed anywhere? I can’t see one?


I take a slightly different walk back, which takes you past Morrison's. I get some essentails I need and


as I’ve noticed, Alan always has a bag on him to take any shopping home a, hence why I brought the famous well travelled blue rucksack with me. It fills up and is now weighty.


the walk home is drier and more pleasant and at least I now know where the hospital is and Civic Center.


So the route. Finally I’m home


I have a cup of tea with my dad and then…


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