Thursday, September 25, 2014

Quick Dash


I get to the station on time and hang around.


I decide that its Facebook that's causing all my trouble on my phone and hence delete it.


Perhaps now it will not hang so much? Or maybe not. We will see.


Not that this stops me using facebook, for that I use the Social network a much smaller program. However not all the functions work on it on my Motorola Razri. So to post pictures I have to use twitter.


And for the train ride I stream some music and see how the phone functions.


at work I discuss with Matt Poade the economics of going to work by train compared to the car and also what the negatives are. By the end of the week I need to decide to buy a pass for £60 for the month or not, some saving of £100 in fuel alone. However I am setting out at 7am and getting home at 6:45pm.


And whilst at work we arrang a night out for my 20th year here and Pauls 25th. Now I consider he’s forgotten somebody else but then say nothing.


And the email I was expecting came from the other other person who had also served for twenty years at the same time.


I head home on the chu chu


and try the Train Line app now facebook isn’t on. Things have improved. But this Social Network app is a bit pants really.


The train comes and


I get a seat and admire how well London Midland keep their trains clean.


One questions if they clean them at all?


And so on the way home I go via the centre of town and check out the maps of where everything is.


I wander home and meet the parents in my house. We settle down and have some dinner and a chat, when the door bell goes.


“Was that the door bell?” I asked having never heard it before. And sure enough it was. It was Les standing at the door with a box of pies. “I’ve been to the really good pie factory today and my freezers now full of pies so I thought these would come in useful.” Wow I rearrange the freezer to fit them all in and we sit back and have a jolly good night together.


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