Monday, September 22, 2014

Some Lifts You Could Do Without


My first day to walk it and train it. I’m up, have my breakfast and off out the door. the weather is good, so thats a nice start.


My journey on the train start at 7:20am, will I make it on time.


I follow the route I took on Saturday morning, past the hospital,


along the main road, past McDonalds and B&M Home Bargains.


The sky is wonderfully lite up


as I keep an eye on anything that may be useful to me that I pass.


Past Wicks


and there in the distance is the station.



I make it just on time.


But once at the platform the display shows the train is 9 minutes late. Is this how its going to be everyday?


the announcement is made and the train turns up. The platform is very busy


But I get a seat.


At Walsall I get off at 7:40.


And although I have just got off a train to Birmingham New Street I know that I get another one to Birmingham New Street that runs down a different line. But which platform does it go from.


Confusingly there is only a train to Wolverhampton due????? Eh. Then I find out that this is the train I want but it goes to Wolverhampton via Brimingahm New Street! It leaves from platform 3.


I get off at Aston and


leave the station.


via the stairs.


I cross the road and walk past the Swan and Mitre.


And the short distance up the road.


Before you know it I’m at my desk and working.


The day flies by and I decide to catch the 17:35 home.


I wander down to the station at about 17:20 to


hang around the platform for a while.


the chu chu comes and I get on


and then off at Tame Bridge Parkway.


Here I change for Cannock. I take the time to take in the train routes.


and time table.



There’s a wait here for a while


but eventually the chu chu turns up, lots and lots and lots of people get off. But when I get on


there arn’t that many free seats. I get one away.


We arrive at Cannock at 18:20 and on most nights I would walk home. tonight though my dad is giving me a lift, up as we are going shopping.


Whilst I wait in the car park I look around for a bike shed/ lockup.


I wander over to it.


It looks in an interesting condition,


as the vandals have ruined it. Now that makes me feel far more secure about leaving my bike here!


Mind to leave your car here for the week is only £6, which is quite reasonable.


I look for other places to lock my bike up, whilst I await the lift.


It comes and we go to Dun Elm. And whilst there I get some Alan Jones compatable pillows at a bargain price of £6.99 for two. So I get two of these climate control and


two overfill firm pillows for another £6.99. And then my parents want some pillows.


Not only that though I get a full bed sheet, duvet set and other items, which I never came for in the first place. I do get the item I wanted as well but in the end this lift cost me £145.00! Tomorrow I’ll walk it.


I ask my dad if the telephone company had been? “oh yes he came, he was here for hours”


Apparently there was no more connections left at the nearest junction box and hence you have a new line all the way up the road from pole to pole, he was going up and down them all afternoon!


And with that I check the router and the broad band light was lit blue. Just got to set it all up now then.

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