Saturday, September 06, 2014

Something Very Important


I wake up and sort out the TV licence, arranging BT to come in and install telephone and broadband. Can you believe I’ve got to wait until the 29th September! How will I survive! I also contact the water company to advise I’ve moved in – noting I must make the most of the unmetered water before they get round. After that I fill the van with the furniture that is haunting the house and is generally in the way. I throw my dad’s lawn mower in and remember he I’d need a very long extension lead. I went into the garage – I guess he meant “take mine son” and put it in the van. Some time later me and my mom are heading towards Cannock.


I have only one seat with us and that's for my mom. She is eager to clean the place more and I let her get on with it whilst I relax with some Ben Moor. The van gets unloaded really and then I suggest we head into town for some supplies. Originally we were going to walk it but as we neared a bus stop I looked at her and said would you rather get the bus? She would and so we queued at the bus stop, talked to some people and then the bus came down the road – apparently bang on time. For such a short journey they want a pound each! Hell!!!! When we arrived at the bus station and got off the  bus we talked somemore to one of the ladies who got on with us, she explained where we were to catch what buses back. And so we went shopping on this sunny morning until. I had something very important to do and found a key cutting shop. Following that we went to the post office which being after midday I was expect to be closed. But no it wasn’t, now that's going to be useful – it's open until 5pm on a Saturday.


It was time for dinner. We headed into the The royal Oak, which of all the pubs in Cannock is one I’ve never been in.


We ordered some food and relaxed whilst an action plan was made for the rest of the day.


but first the fuel tank was filled. Then we headed to the bus stop with all the shopping we had got. The bus came to stand 2 just like we had been told and when we got on I asked for a ticket for one adult and one very old person to the Piped Piper Pub and if there was a discount fair for them. I could feel my moms had wanting to klip me over the head. The driver explain that really she should have a bus pass and told me she could go free on this occasion! Now I expected the bus to stop opposite where we got on. but it didn’t even though I had pressed the button. I got up and the driver stopped the bus. Right at the end of my drive! Every watched as I helped my mom off and then we walked straight into the house. I felt like waving back at them!


With the weather so good and the grass looking so long, I changed the action plan. It was going to be worth cutting the grass, it was at the length of not being quiet out of control but if it was left a week, erm it might be problematic. Where is my dad when you need him? And so I get the mower out whilst my mom potters around the house cleaning it up some more. My dad wasn’t wrong about the long extension lead, it was definitely needed.


Sometime later Rog turns up along with my brother! Oh wow your mowing the lawn already. I was on my second cut by then – some nearly 3 hours on! Then my dad turns up! Ah what is it you have got me Dad. Great thanks your timing couldn’t be better!


Well it was time to nip around Les and empty the garage of goodies I had stashed in there from some generous people and my ebay finds. In we piled into the van and off to Penkridge we went. We loaded the van and then we all came back to unload the stuff into the house, garage and any other available space.


With no washing machine yet the beer fridge went into its hole.


Whilst the bargin fridge freezer didn’t fit into its hole! So the bricks will have to be cut to accommodate it!


Some time later with some furniture in position it was time for tea. Rog had parked infront of the garage and decided he didn’t want tea but would rather go home. Okay then I say to Les – lets get in the van and go to the fish and chip shop. You have got to be kidding he says its ten yards away. Yep but we have got to move it to let Rog out. And so we get in, driver across the road, park up, get out and go in the chip shop and have a netter to the chippy man. He cooks us a fresh Haddock and Cod and then we get in the van turn around and park up in front of the house. Get out and head on in.


And the first meal in the house is fish and chips! what a surprise!


But in fact it was one of the biggest and most delicious fish and chip suppers I’ve had in a long time without sitting on a sandy beach with the sea salt smell in the air and being surround in the the coolness of the evening.



I was happy and very tired – no doubt all that walking up and down the garden.


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