Saturday, September 20, 2014

The Joys of Home Ownership


I had noticed the offer night this. Yep it looks like a tile is now missing from the roof. And to find out how bad things are there’s only one thing to do.



Get your ass up there. Now I don’t like heights.


So you can imagine that by the time I was up here, I was praying my dad was still holding the ladder as tightly as I was.


I put my arm over with my camera desperately holding on.


But nothing is like seeing it with your own eyes. So not so bad just half a tile missing. But what type are they?


At least the membrane is working.


I give the others a poke and then conclude I’m coming down.


Now whilst I was talking with my dad I suddenly remember seeing something in the bush. And so off I go into the bush where the cable wires I saw were. And there was the tile in question. Still in one piece too.


Of course this bit of luck only meant one thing. Me going back up there and putting it back in place without dislodging the other tiles. And what you got to remember us I had to hold the tile in one hand whilst climbing that ladder! I did it, but I don’t fancy going up every day, oh the joys of home ownership!


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