Friday, September 05, 2014

Through the Key Hole


After a few phone conversations this morning with the solicitor all the quires are answered apart from the one about the blue pipe. It is agreed to proceed with the purchase of the house today anyway and she says she’ll do her best to sort it although the other solicitors haven't yet advised their account number to allow it to happen.


And at 11am she calls me back to say the funds are now transferred and should be able to get the keys in a few hours time. At midday I call the estate agent and arrange with them for my parents to collect the keys from them with a passport as evidence of who they are.


Once my parents get round there they call me to say it is still looking just like it did back in June and the only issues seem to be with the electricity and gas, where by both the meters are well in debt and in emergency mode. I get off them the meter numbers and the readings and then call the energy company. Some one and half hours later I know what to do and if I want them changed to a credit meter they’ll be happy to arrange it. I have to stop that arrangement as I suddenly remember my parents will be on holiday and what's important is getting the power and gas on.


I finally get round there and the house and as I walk around everything seems as good as the day I knew I could call this my home. Wow look at that garden, and my head spins with plans on how to fill it, but first to get the electricity on before it gets dark.


As per the instructions given to me, I wait until after 7pm then head to the Nisa to get a card. The electricity key they have but no gas cards. Well the lights are more important and so get a card, drive back to the house and put it in the meter. It is read ok and so back with it to the shops. I put £25 credit on the key and head back to the house, put the key in and yah it recognises it, then the numbers flash and then the sodding thing ate the lot to take the debt off unlike resetting the meter like they said they would. The lights though have come on! well that will do for now.


With the lights now on I spend the rest of then night cleaning it up a little.



I look around once more, and think this is it, this is my pad, a long time coming but I like it, its exciting to have the keys but not as exciting as…..


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