Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Trimming the bush


I take a new route to the station which is basically the route I took home last night which is right through the shopping centre. Its not quite as quick but I prefer it.


The train comes as usual


And I get a seat. But today I also decide to try a different route to work by going into Birmingham New Street and then coming out.


I let Pink Girl know and get this rather worrying message. Erm I’ll have to check the T and C’s when I get at my desk. Well its too late now there no more stops between here and New Street.


I reach New Street and change platform. It feels like a long time since I’d been here last in the underground cavern.


And I get my train to Aston.


i reach my destination without being caught.


I get the 5:05pm train home again, in case I get that work done outside my house.


But also to call into


the library. Here according to Cannock Chase Council there is a stash of cycling route maps and



the Library is open until 7pm tonight.


I have a wander around and in the end go and ask someone.


“Cycling route maps??” They look at me puzzled. “The council web site says you have them here”. “We do?”" Perhaps they are in the information display” And you know what they were. Lots of them. And whilst there I joined the Library, not that I don’t have a large enough pile of books to read at home already.


I get home and look at the maps, Well there a lot of them and the maps are good. But what they are telling you is, bollox to cyclists.


There is evidence the parents have been round.


And in the kitchen to. Nothing in the house appears to have changed though.


Outside though I have gained some plant. They l;look better.


And so on with the outside job of cutting this hedge back. Now I want the hedge, but its taking up a lot of drive area I need for my long car. So I get on with it.


And by the time I’ve cut it back, its dark.There was so much of it. A neighbour from the far end comes and talks to me for a long while. He is a Skoda lover too.


This of course left a mess at the bottom and lots and lots of litter that has blown under it over the years I guess. That will need tidying up along with the trimming of the bush to make it look half descent. It is now very twiggy.


The left overs fill the bin and


I have lots and lots left over! Time for tea and bed.

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