Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Even Alan can sit on it


I get home and the small sofa that isn’t leather and is safe for Alan to sit on has arrived. Its just the right size. I try it our for comfort and then have dinner. Noted that my dad has hung this picture while he was waiting for delivery.


But before I have dinner I whip out for 50watt bulbs and replace them with 4watt jobs. I can leave the lights on in the kitchen all night long now!


So the job for the night, is to wire up the speakers and do all the TV – media and stereo connections.


And this took hours. It may not look like it, and I have simplified it from what it was – but still a wire jungle.


I put the plugs in a and see what happens! Who yeah now that's not going to please the neighbours! I turn it down.


My dad also hung this picture above the dinning table to. And my mom left me a lava lamp gift.


In fact its a glitter lamp and its really good actually. I think it may become my most used one.


I settle in for the night switch a movie on which I don’t watch, and flick through the screw fix catalogue, before having my first bath, saying good night tot he fairy and closing my eye in my comfy bed.


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