Monday, September 08, 2014

We have power


Monday morning I get into work. I have a card awaiting for me and I get onto the blower to Eon regarding the fact that the debt did not clear on the meter as per the instructions and that there are no gas cards at the shop they told me. i get a new set of instructions and a different shop to go to – here we go.


so I find the shop and follow the instructions. And wow the meter credits up the meter. Nice. But the shop didn’t have any gas cards, Neither did any of the others in the area, although now I know the area well, including one particular store – which tried to help me out with a British Gas card but didn’t know if it would work. So back on the phone to Eon who I told them there are no cards but the British Gas one, would it work. After al the electric key ais a British gas one! Is it they say and I’m on hold again! Sometime later they confirm they don’t know and don't guarantee it. I give it a go with one pound and low and behold it didn't work! By now though the service center was closed, so that will be another call in the morning.


Mean time I build the computer desk


Bed one


Bed two and then head home to my parents to sleep in my own bed.


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