Sunday, October 05, 2014

100 years of hidden secrets


I get up and do the washing up. I look at the garden and grass nearest the house needs cutting again.


One ponders if the last owner used laughing grass seed.


I also pondered if Santa was going to be Green this year or not.


I try the oven whilst I’m there. And can you believe it, it lit. So instead of using my ceramic frying pan I used the oven to bake my bacon just like Alan likes it.


Oh yummy. Now I was going to make bacon sandwiches, but my bread was all mouldy Sad smile. So I fried an egg in my one egg frying pan and had a cooked up breakfast.


Well that towel rail I brought yesterday.


Can be brought much cheaper on Ebay! Anyway I  didn’t let that get to me.


I put that towel rail up eventually, but my work in the bathroom didn’t stop there. In the floor vinyl there was a crease. So I lifted the vinyl floor up. This is probably something I wished I hadn’t. An hundred year house has lots of secrets you don't want to discover. Lets just say I got the furniture out, the vinyl floor out, and there was a lot of cleaning up done.


With the place cleaned and everything back in place and out of sight, I knew there was another weekends work under there to sort out one day. For now though things were better, and the big lead pipe hidden by the plant was used for a hose pipe. I won’t tell you how I know it but I did.


I got the trailer on the back of the car and head around my parents to collect the scaffolding.


Sometime later I was back home and scaffolding was up.


Now I was going to be able to work more safely at height.


The people in the house in my back garden were watching me in their front room, as they saw me erect it like a monkey, swinging and swaying, that's both me and the scaffolding.


Off course it is high up here. I go to B&Q with my dad and then I take him home so he could go shopping with my mom. I took the opportunity as I was in Coven to 'head round the Greenies to say hello, have a cup of tea, some cake and to play in the garden with the children. Eventually though I talk Greenie into coming back to my place whilst the others go shopping and will meet us at my place.


Greenie helps me out no end. HE doesn’t have to do much, but what he does is a great hand.


I get the tile off, get the mortar on and also the adhesive.


The rest of the Greenie family turn up Smile and get the grand tour. Then the parents and brother turn up too. And we are all now in the garden.


When they all leave I tidy up and go back up to recheck whats going on.


It seems to have bonded.




So jobs to do from Scaffolding. Treat the timber sections.



Repair the deep cracks in the wall


with stst pinings and prey. Then start on the plastering walls on the stairs. Oh did I forget the bathroom already?


The Greenies have left me a present too in the kitchen, some chocolates, a plant and four mugs number 1,2,3,4!


I have a tinker with the digital timers I also got form B&Q


All I’ve got to do now is work out how to program them.


And so out come the instructions.


And to cheer me up I brought a new fridge freezer that is the right size for the hole and something else too.


Then off to my parents for a Sunday evening meal and to watch Dr Who. thinking about it, perhaps I should have brought a more modern house no matter how much me and Mrs Greenie like this place.


"Nowhere Near The End Of the Rainbow"
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