Tuesday, October 28, 2014

A Life of Feet and Circles


I have nice leisurely walk to the station, the air is cool to the touch on your face and arrive with the station all at peace.


I sit down in one of the many empty seats this morning, ands open my book that I have chosen this morning. So its not the KLF after all and this is not her now.


Its a book by Lucy Wadham and she has a blog “the secret life of France”. Now I would never ever have picked this book, which is why it was picked by someone else. The subject matter is somewhat irritating to me, but that I wasn’t going to know until I’d actually started reading it. The reason I have this book is more to do with the life and secrets of the Circle Line Tube Line, to which this book is totally unrelated. It does have the end of the beer bottle on the page though.


It is part of a collection of books, and one ponders if there are others coming!! Oh course what I need now is a new bookmark. but that may be awkward.


At Walsall station I do something stupid and renew my pass. I guess its not really stupid but is.


Yes I’ve decided to pay for more torture and more announcements by London Midland of “Sorry - my Ass”.


Whilst I’m here I check out the notices for the rail works that are now going to be taking place on the line and how they may well effect me.


I read the notice.


there is not one mention of “sorry” anyway.


As i climb on board my second train and delve into the ‘other world’ of my author I receive an email. Would you believe it I have sold a Circle Line T-shirt! Isn’t that odd!


Dinner time comes all too quickly and I sit down to eat a hearty meal whilst we still can.


today it is faggots peas and chips – I know I shouldn’t but I’m making the most of this final week.


Back on the train I am ripping through the pages of the book. I’m not sure I have ever read a book so fast, I am certainly reading it faster than this train is going. It is written so nicely, the words flow and the sentences perpetuate the calm ripple of a lakes surface on a warm summers day, that one desires to end by rushing in, splashing around in chilling water - and one ponders if it reflects their personality in real life or not?


back home I ponder what to have for tea. I decide to use the steamer, I pop some carrots in and some cauliflower and to go with it


I decide to use the temperamental oven to cook four southern fired chicken pieces (of what hopes is chicken meat bonded together) and two waffles. When it is served up on a plate it is obvious I’m eating for two again!


I get all excited about painting, I change into my scruffs and get the painting equipment out and masking tape.


I finish up the wall in purple, its not the right finish or shade for me so at the weekend I’ll be getting my hair cut and buying another colour of purple. Perhaps this time I’ll stick to Deluxe – afterall the dog is nice and fluffy.


I paster the firec place a little and ponder if I will ever get that finished. I make a mental note that the whole room needs a new coat of magnolia. I can’t wait.


And so I settle down on the sofa, I switch the server on and watch an episode of New Girl 2


until my eyes blurr and I know


it is time for bed and the dreams of France.


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