Saturday, October 18, 2014

Doing the Right Thing


For some reason my head does not hurt. I cook breakfast without bread, well I was going to do bacon sandwiches but the bread was green again! I suggest to my brother we go for a walk into town.


I take a slightly different route and my brother asks where it is we are going. I suggest we go via the park although its not the quickest route.


I take a look at the amp and work out where we are going. We head into the centre and go in Trade to Play. Not that I need a new game but something to play might be nice. As it happens my brother gets Shaun Whites snowboarding for £3. I notice the new Alien game is out and I’m quiet tempted. But leave it in the store. We head to the far side of town to Aldi. My brother would like a ceramic frying pan like mine and that's where I got mine from.


When we come out, he doesn’t have one because they didn’t have one. We do have bread though, of the non green variety, well for the moment.


We go though the shopping center and find a really good green grocers that I need to remember to use next time I’m here.


Back at home I start my chores, by getting the drill out and putting some hangers in the tardis cupboard. A mains powered hammer drill soon make easy work of what the battery drill could cope with!


I do my washing and then mow the lawn. And then my dad comes along. It is time to


go up that scaffolding and start work on the brick work that is going to start to cause problems if its not seen to. We have the helfix system all we need to do now is use it.


The new bigger boards are put in position and the neighbours start watching me go up and down the ladders.


I position a second one and its much safer up here now.


My brother is being most useful.


So to work removing the mortar from the bad places. Its all marked up and here we go with the grinder, dust, dust, dust, dust.


Then across making a nice slot.


All is going well


And by the end of the day 1/3rd of the work is done in removing the mortar. The slot needs to go another 2 meters to the left.


I clean out the joint for now


and call it a day as the sun is setting.


and climb down. One hope the house stays up with such a gap and that it doesn’t rain!


Me well I’m dirty.


So its time to give that shower a go with the bigger droplets.


and the reducing water flow valve. Yay I’m clean. and with that I decide to take the MX5 for a spin to get some electricity and gas.


I head to the co-op with my debit card in my hand. “Sorry sir you have to pay cash for those” I'm told. “I do?” I say back. “Yes she says and the cash point is broken, so buy something cheap and I’ll do it as cash back.”. I get to large bags of naught crisps for £2.50 and the exchange is done. So the electricty stands at £30 and the gas


at £37, which I seem to get through a lot of. So tonight the cooker does not go on..


and I choose to have a salad that I brought earlier. And with that salad I fancy tuna.


I look at the cans in the cupboard and then think, bum I don’t actually have a can opener! Hold on the corned beef has a key can.


And with that I have corned beef salad.


I play GTA5 until about midnight when I’m so tired from my construction work that I need to go to bed, urgently. I go to the stair case door and turn the handle. Ugh, the door doesn’t open. What the hell. I get a screw driver from the tardis cupboard and undo the handle. Of no look the internal mechanisms is broken and locked in the living room! Whilst the bar went round the cogs were in bits. A knife and some more screw drivers and me getting desperate….


some 30 minutes later I’d escaped. And off I was to bed!!!

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