Sunday, October 19, 2014

Filling the Cracks of Life


Sunday I get up and do some gardening. Some digging and planting the bamboo in the soil. Yeah I know its the wrong time of year, but while some of it is doing well in the one pot, the others are not, so I’m going to plant it in hope anyway.


There’s a whole lot of stones in this garden, in fact under that turf it is stone! Which really goes with the plans of the house from all those years back from 1920’s when it showed that my house out some out buildings. Probably the communal lavatory. I kid you not about the amount of stones though! Maybe one day I won’t be able to see that garage! I start doing the electrics inside the garage and then my dad turns up so I stop and change to another more important job.


And so out with the tools, the helifix bars and some more grinding action. I cut out as much mortar as I think possible without the house collapsing and then stop. There is a group of people watching from the pub. So I’d rather it didn’t collapses right now. We mix the compound up and load the gun and then put it in slot followed by 3 bars, each compounded into the slot. Then its time to learn to mortar mad point. Not something I’m good at other than making it look messy.


The end result is good enough though and the house is stronger.


Now that's the upper helifix in position. If the weather is nice next weekend I’ve got to do the same again but where the arrows are pointing on the bricks above the window. From here I pack up and head to my parents for some Sunday night time dinner. I’m to tired to eat really but its nice to have five minutes. I take a moment shower there too before having a moment on my laptop and heading home.


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