Sunday, October 12, 2014

Game Over


I wake up fresh and ready for today. I look out of the window into the garden and see the birds eating.


I wonder if Alan can see the birds eating. He loves to watch the birds.


Nope downstairs he is staring at my new phone and looking disappearing at it. “Why did you buy this Nack? It does nothing you want!” “It might be able to spell though Alan. You made me do it. I love my Intel powdered Razri that plays up everytime an application is updated – mainly Facebook.”. “Guess what Alan, I bet it will link up with my camera and we can take secret pictures of the birdies.”


And it does link up. We position the camera in the garden and wait.


And zoom, and wait.


And zoom and wait.


And zoom and wait.


Alan gives up, the birdies are not coming back. He gets us all breakfast. “Is Zoe getting up Alan? We are meant to be going out” “No idea mate, she got up let the electrician in then told me to come down stairs and sort him out, she went back to bed”. I eat my cereals in anticipation she might find the strength to make an appearance.


I put my silver cowboy hat on and that can only mean one thing.


Zoƫ has got up and is ready to play with me. We walk down the street to the shops and then tot he car and then


we cruise the streets of Manchester, when really we should have gone via the motorway. “Do you never listen to the sat Nav Nack?” Zoe asks. “er its a Woman giving directions, she's no idea”. We get there eventually and we would have probably been better off listening to that woman. We are in the hall, the excitement builds for this is


Play Expo Manchester, yeah, I wonder if Gaming Girl Will be here today?


There is so much to see but first for Zoe and I, we head for


The PS4 zone, for a play and to drool. Wow the graphics ARE good. We play Metal Gear Solid.


Followed by a game neither of us have heard of.


P.T. – and it is brilliant. Zoe when this comes out I’m getting another mortgage for a PS4


We play and play and play this game, and only if you new about the game would you realise that this is an odd thing to say.


But it is good. Only latter do we actually find out what this game is all about and everyone around us, is as bewildered about it as us!


We move onto Octodad. A game Zoe loves and a game I loved until I fell out of love with its controls.


She did really well in it and had some patients. 


We move on, and to our surprise the arena had board games area. Not just a small one but a huge one.


With lots of enthusiastic players, who were happy to play with you.


Zoe went to a store, got talking and before you know it


we are playing Chupacabra with them. Apparently this short game became one of the longest they ever knew! And I won eventually you know. This game I liked for its simplicity.


We leave the games area to the video game section, and Zoe spots a simulation that she must try out. Maybe it was because of the Cowgirl in her.


Oh wow and before you know it


She is sitting in the saddle for some double cowgirl action.

Enough of that and she pulled quiet a crowd, even to the point when someone went to go in front of me filming they were dragged back.


So the big surprise for me was the retro gaming area. And this was huge with many many many many many machines and games! It was brill. From the G7000


To the Dragon 32.


Zoe I used to have one of these you know.


We play on the Saturn and Zoe spends a lot of time with the retro machines with me, even if that's not really her cup of tea. It was nice to still share the time.


Sad to say I love some car games. Not all but most.


And from Retro of one type to retro of anther. Yes there was a retro arcade area too! Awesome…


With all the classics and not so classics there.


Then we move onto an area Zoe was excited about, and me too, I love a game of pin ball.


Not that I’m good at it like so many other things, but I like it.


Now there’s something I want, just to go to the station on.


Both starving we have dinner and Zoe is happy, which makes me happy to. Which is lucky as this pie might look good, but wasn’t. It broke my plastic cutlery many times. Still I persisted and used my teeth. The gravy did not help and truthfully I should have taken it back – but I was too dam hungry too.


Oh no I’ve been recognised! Nope I have no ID sir.


Zoe you might find that barrier is there for a  purpose!?


Oh my a walk round and we discover the Tomy retro games!


Wow the future from the past.


So yesterday but so now.


Just how close can I get with toughing the electric rope!


There were gaming competitions


And games to dance to


And have fun with.


Just like this Japanese PS2 drumming game. A game no child should be without!


Then we stumbled on this relic. But it worked and we played.


We ended up in another PS4 area. Oh Zoe where did they all come from?


I’ve got to get one she screamed!


Erm facing reality.


And back to driving, but this is graphically sweet, but


Gameplay wise pants. I walk away.


We head to the far corner of the arena to where there was an old virtual reality shoot em up for two players against each other.


Look at that head set. We queue and we we played! I shot Zoe 5 times I think, She shot me zero. Erm


And so Zoe insisted we queued to play a new virtual reality game. What can I say we queued and only when it came to go on did the chap say, er it doesn’t work with glasses. So I took them off and could see nothing. And then I took the helmet off, it was pointless.


Zoe however reassures me I missed nothing. She just wandered around with nothing to do!


We leave by saying goodbye to Obe, one of Zoe favourite characters and head home. Its dark and Alan has put the tea on because I rang him and told him so. We have a lovely tea and I leave them quiet early compared to normal as


Zoe frightens me into leaving! Not really, Zoe is exhausted and wants to rest, so I let them without Nack.


I sadly leave Stockport once more thinking when will they have me back and head south. If I could be anywhere else it would be here, they make me too welcome…


And so to Cannock and I start my chores before going to bed – Game Over….


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